Meet the new used car buyer

It's a fact: 73% of today's buyers browse online
before leaving home.* This huge group uses the
web to decide:
  • Which vehicle to buy
  • Where to shop
  • What's a fair price
For you, this means:
  • Stock vehicles your local buyers want
  • Price your vehicles so they top browsers' sort lists
  • Appraise to leave room for profit at the right price

What if you don't?

If buyers don't see the cars they want at attractive prices online, they'll never visit your dealership. In fact, because most online shoppers sort vehicles by price, they likely won't even see your listings.

velociT Solutions gives you the tools and data you need to stock the right cars at the right price–and to appraise so you make a profit on every sale.

*Source: Canada Auto Survey, September 2010, OTX

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