Smart velocity management

Every dealer is familiar with the profit equation:

100 x $10,000 @ $3,000 GP
3 months average selling time
= $300 / 3 = 100K / mo. GP

And if that same 100-car inventory turns faster, even at a lower average gross profit, total profit can increase. Here are two examples:

100 x $10,000 @ $2,500 GP
2 months average selling time
= $250 / 2 = 125K / mo. GP

100 x $10,000 @ $2,000 GP
1 months average selling time
= $300 / 1 = 200K / mo. GP

The challenge is knowing how to stock, appraise and price so you can increase sales velocity while also increasing your gross profit per month.

That's what velociT Solutions delivers - detailed, real-time local market knowledge, plus expanded sourcing so you have the right vehicles with the right costs and prices to turn your inventory faster and boost profits.

Smart velocity management is the secret. velociT Solutions is the answer.

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