Align your inventory with live market demand

What should you stock on your lot? It's simple.
Stock what buyers want–not last month, not last week–right now.

Toptimizer Stocking tools enable you to:
  • Discover the hottest vehicles in your local market, based on current supply in days
  • Identify the exact years, makes, models and trim configurations that will sell fast
  • Align your current inventory with Toptimizer's target profile*
  • Create your buy list and roll it out to dealers with vehicles you need
*Instantly compare your inventroy (blue bars) to live market info (orange line).

This kind of information is available nowhere else – and it's just one of several tools included in Toptimizer Stocking. Call or request a demo to discover the rest of the tools and reports in Toptimizer Stocking.
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