Wield the power of live market knowledge

The used auto market changes constantly and every region is unique.
Imagine knowing in real time, for your local market:
  • How to find the "right" used vehicles to increase your sales volumes and profitability
  • Exactly how much to pay for each vehicle to ensure a quick and profitable sale
  • How pricing decisions will impact your web traffic, lot visits—and profits
With Toptimizer data and cutting-edge tools you'll know:
  • What is provision, based on a real-time market data previously unavailable to dealers
  • How to appraise, using instant valuations and profit calculators
  • How to price, so your vehicles top buyers' lists and generate traffic
Toptimizer easily plugs into your existing system to help you out-think and out-sell your competition. Start now to manage smarter for maximum profits.

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