velociT Philosophy

The internet has changed the used car business forever. Today, buyers are very well informed, educated and can easily compare dealers, cars and prices in vast geographies. The internet levelled the playing fields between dealers and consumers, and the reality for dealers now is that they:
  • Are not turning their inventory as effectively as before – they're not pricing
    their cars "right"
  • Are generating lower margins
The solution to keep dealers' margins is to make the same dollars invested in used vehicles turn faster and more often.

Dealers can do just that using cutting edge technology that enables them to know a used vehicle's real time supply, demand and price sensitivity metrics when making stocking, apprasising and pricing decisions – it's basing decisions on live market data rather than historical data or the "talent" in the dealership.

velociT Solutions support this new kind of dealership – fast, lean and poised for success today and well into the future.

Learn more about the philosophy of velociT solutions, and Dale Pollak, vAuto's founder:

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